Seven in 10 people who see a bailiff breaking the rules don’t complain

What should you do if a bailiff knocks on your door?

Before you let a bailiff in to take your things or pay them, ask to see proof of identity, check which company they’re from, a telephone contact number and a breakdown of what you owe.

You can pay the bailiff on the doorstep – you don’t have to let them into your home, but make sure you get a receipt to prove you’ve paid.

If you can’t afford to pay in full, you can offer to pay in monthly or weekly instalments. They don’t have to accept this, but it will show your intent to pay.

If the bailiff threatens or harasses you, or breaks into your house, you can complain about them.

You can complain about private bailiffs by contacting the company they work for or the trade organisation they are part of. If they are a court bailiff or civilian enforcement officer, you can complain using this form.

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