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You can’t actually see the air outside, but you could feel it, smell it and see how it moves through watching how the wind blows away stuff. We can’t see it but the air outside is not clean. It is full of different types of pollutants that could hurt us in several ways. And if the air outside is unclean, so is the air inside our house. Matter of fact, it is much more polluted than the air outside. Yes, that is a fact. It is simply because pollutants have no way out indoors, they just circle around the air without exit. Their only exit is our lungs. Opening your windows and doors are not enough to blow them all away.

What are these pollutants that are harmful to humans? There are several types existing. Some of them are dust, pollen, pet dander, molds, mildew, odors, smoke and others. All of these are harmful to your health when inhaled and could cause further serious damage to your lung. This is also lethal for asthmatics and those that has mold allergies. By the way, molds are fungi that are microscopic in size. It is capable of exposing you and your family into a brand new level of health risk. Those people with allergies to molds and the asthmatic would definitely suffer if it is indeed present in the air.

There are many different types of molds. Molds like alternaria, chaetomium, fusarium, peniciilum and many others are very harmful, especially with people who has allergies. If you are have mold allergies or you are asthmatic, a place with these things present could mean trouble to you so better avoid it. However, there is still a better option. Much better than avoiding it, it is simply confronting it using the right tools.

he answer are air purifiers. These are electronic device that functions as a medium utilized in filtering the air in a certain area indoors. There are many different types of air purifiers. All of which has their own level of effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses and other factors. Of all the brands and types of purifiers, there is one that stands out among the rest and that is the HEPA air purifier.

It is a very effective purifier because of the fact that it could filter out even the tiniest and microscopic of all pollutants. In fact it could remove pollutants as small as 0.03 microns and that is totally microscopic. Pollutants like pollen, molds, mildew, odor, smoke, dust, pet dander and other stuff are no exception. All of these are filtered effectively by a HEPA air purifier. So you are guaranteed that you are protected from molds as well as other air pollutants and viruses and bacteria which is the cause of much disease.

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