Success From Positive Attitude Vs Failure and Negativity

Imagine that you suddenly found yourself awaken from your sleep in an empty boat drifting alone in a stormy wide sea somewhere. You know nuts about sailing and boats and unaware of the capability of the vessel and not brave enough to handle it. You are a prisoner of your own weakness not knowing what to do or how to go about getting yourself to safety. The boat is in excellent condition but you haven’t the slightest idea how to use it. Now, you have the choice. You can either brave yourself to handle the boat to safety or you can just do nothing hoping that somebody would find you in time.

People with positive attitude would definitely react towards finding the right solution in this situation. Loosing ones hope and thinking negatively would certainly not get you anywhere. So why is it that a majority of people when they are in such a comparative situation are always giving up so easily and be negative in their own comfort zone somewhere.

Normally people facing such adversities tend to blame others or even to their own fate for their failures. Obviously they could not tolerate the grace, success or progress of others. They get resentful and bitter when find that others are happy. Their surrounding factors can bring only the resentment and ultimately frustration for them.

This is a disease. Having negative attitudes spells out FAILURE. To change old habits and negative thinking in its comfort zone is not an easy matter. People can be blinded from good offers or excellent ideas because of their attitudes. A negative attitude is self-defeating. Adopting a negative attitude will rob you of your success and happiness but it is hard to realize that you have this disease if you are one of them.

It is time to ask yourselves this question. Is it SUCCESS or FAILURE that you prefer? Surely every normal person would prefer to be successful. So, the time is now right for a change for POSITIVE attitude towards everything that you do. Successful people associate themselves with positive attitude and positive reactions on all situation. Always think positive and react positively to achieve SUCCESS. A winner is always more appreciated compared to a loser. Stop blaming others but start to open up your eyes and listen up to good ideas and good offers. Stop pretending that you know everything and that your opinion is always right. Some people go to the extend of denying a point even though they know that they are wrong. This is contagious and misery awaits those in captivity of this attitude not wanting to be rescued by anybody. They are the only ones who can change it.

In Business, you have to be sharp. You have to be positive. All your actions and reactions must be focused and pointing towards SUCCESS. To be successful, you must have a positive attitude. No matter how simple an idea being offered, an Entrepreneur must come up tops with the right decisions and the right moves. The secret behind this is the change in attitude from Negative to Positive in all things that you do or don’t. A Winner always solves and creates Success but a Loser starts to blame.

Source by Raja Zaharudin Raja Endut

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